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Be on the lookout for “phishing” scams

Does this look familiar to you?

“Our security department has detected unauthorized activity on your account. For your protection, your account will be suspended until you confirm your identity. Click here to confirm your identity.”

“In accordance with our site policy, we need you to verify your password, credit card and social security numbers using the following link…”

You may have received email messages that claim to come from (or other reputable businesses) which ask you to reveal sensitive personal or financial information. These messages are actually examples of an increasingly common form of online scam known as “phishing” ( ). The people who send these fraudulent emails hope to trick you into revealing information which they can then use for any number of purposes, including use of your credit cards and identify theft.

Things to look out for:

Requesting sensitive personal or financial information. We will never send an email (or call) asking you to verify passwords or other personal or financial information. Alarmist language. The threat of account suspension is just one of many scare tactics that email fraudsters use to try to get you to act in haste. Don’t take the bait. Poor grammar and spelling errors. While some messages are very well written, a large number contain poor grammar or spelling mistakes.

Fake links. These come in two main varieties:

  • Links that appear to be related to the site being impersonated, or “spoofed” (e.g.,, which is not an Bali Aero Travel site)
  • Links that match the URL of the site in question but have different URLs embedded within them (e.g., click on and you’ll see that it takes you somewhere else entirely)

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All purchases on our site are processed through Veritrans Payment Gateway  so you can rest assured that is a secure transaction. Your credit card details are not stored on our system at all.


There are several payment methods. Choose one you most preferred.

On Payment page, select your preferred payment method.
Bali Aero Travel accepts payment via:

– Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard,JCB)
– Direct Debit (CIMB Clicks, Mandiri Clickpay, e-Pay BRI, BCA KlikPay)
– E-Wallet (Telkomsel T-Cash, XL Tunai, BBM Money)
– Bank Transfer (All ATM in Indonesia)


Bank Transfer is only for Indonesian Bank Account Holders.

All purchases on our site are processed through Veritrans Payment Gateway  so you can rest assured that is a secure transaction. Your credit card details are not stored on our system at all.


All holiday activities may be booked Online (through our SPECIAL OFFERS program) or by phone through our contact details (see Contact page).

Follow our online order, and pay promptly to receive the code of your holiday activities voucher. To pay online make sure the submitted email address is active and valid, so the voucher code will be sent directly to your email address as soon as the verification of payment has been processed.

Maximum time of payment process is 2 x 24 hours.

Where can I find the Schedule of Activities? The schedule of activities can be found on each Activity description in the Rates column. If the information regarding the time of activity is not complete/not clear, you may directly contact the call center at Bali Aero Travel.

If you have already made your booking you will receive a notification email from our system and online payment gateway. If you wish to make a change in the time or date of your activity you can contact our call center directly. Changes may be made up to 1 x 24 hours in advance of your scheduled activity.

However your reservation is not refundable if you do not attend the activity at the time confirmed in your booking, or neglect to verify the new schedule of treatment you wish to select after deciding to change the time of your activity.