Uluwatu Kecak Dance


Aside from its beautiful beaches, Bali is also known for its abundance of exotic cultures; one of them is Tari Kecak, also known as the Kecak Dance. This dance, performed on a vast amphitheater, tells the story of Ramayana. Usually performed by male dancers, Kecak Dance is intense and unforgettable. The temple Uluwatu sits on atop of a hill facing the Indian Ocean, where the Ramayana story is presented through a lively dance. If you would like to watch one of these performances, it is best to book the tickets at least three days earlier because it is extremely popular.

BaliSpirit Festival

March 19 – 22

bali sprit festival

BaliSpirit Festival gathers renowned musicians, yogis, and dancers from around the world. With a cherished vision by its founders of creating a festival that builds and supports communities through a full spectrum of healthy activities, BaliSpirit Festival celebrates Indonesia’s cultural richness, the sanctity of the environment, and the harmonious connections between everyone. Reconnecting the body, soul, and mind, you can experience serenity through eye-opening programs: yoga and meditation, dance and martial arts, healing, and breathework. Make no mistake; this festival is both an energetic and a constructive reawakening for your holiday.

Ogoh Ogoh Parade

March 27
Denpasar, Bali

ogoh ogoh parade

On the day of Nyepi or Bali’s Day of Silence, there is a parade created to cleanse the environment of spiritual pollutants: Ogoh Ogoh Parade. Symbolizing a mythological being of evil spirit, the parade’s mascot is built by villagers and then marched through the streets. As a symbol of self-purification, Ogoh Ogoh is burned to ashes at a nearby cemetery, the parade’s final destination. A mystically high tradition, Ogoh Ogoh Parade is celebrated one day before the Saka New Year. Combining spirituality and appreciation of Mother Nature, Ogoh Ogoh Parade is an evening filled with eerily beautiful celebration and magical hope that will surely transcends you with a feeling of wonder.

Komodo & Flores

Tour de Flores

Larantuka, East Nusa Tenggara

tour de flores

Tour de Flores 2017 comprises of a massive cycling tour around the island of Flores, broken down into five stages with a total distance of approximately 743 kilometers. As a part of the UCI Asia Tour, Tour de Flores is anticipated to be the focal event of a wider cycling festival that will attract the attention of various avid cyclists globally. The tour also holds other stimulating activities, opening with a visit to the majestic Kelimutu Lake, a tour via fun cycling as a supporting event, and ending with a stopover at Komodo Island’s Pink Beach. Get your bikes tuned for one of the most exciting tours in Indonesia.

Central Java

Jogja Air Show

February 23 – 25
Bantul, Yogyakarta

Jogja Air Show

Jogja Air Show is an annual air acrobat event organized by Yogyakarta Government Office, Federation of Aero Sport Indonesia, and Adisucipto Air Force. Located at an airfield of Depok Bantul Beach, this event presents more than 300 athletes of various air sports from around the world, including England, Malaysia, and the Philippines. From aerospace sports, aero modeling, paragliding, to acrobatic paragliding, the Jogja Air Show is a must-go for all air adrenaline-seekers. Jogja Air Show also holds a photography contest and music performances.

West Java

Java Jazz Festival

March 3 – 5

java jazz festival

Are you a jazz enthusiast? If so, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) is perfect for you. Recognized as one of the largest jazz festivals in the world, this yearly event offers both international and local line up of jazz performers as well as artists from other genres, including pop, soul, and R&B. Located at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), PRJ Kemayoran, North Jakarta, Java Jazz 2017’s line up is even more extraordinary than last year. Strap in and get ready to encounter a trance-like experience from one of the most magnificent music festivals in the country.

Wonderful Cirebon Festival

April 1 – 3
Cirebon, West Java

Wonderful Cirebon Festival

Festival Pesona Cirebon or The Charm of Cirebon Festival introduces three key destinations of Cirebon: the historical Keraton Kasepuhan Palace, Goa Sunyaragi Water Palace, and the coastal Cirebon. Showcasing Cirebon’s potentials of traditional arts, local craftsmanship, and authentic cuisine, The Charm of Cirebon Festival also presents photography, rowboat, and ngejala (net fishing) at Ade Irma Suryani Waterland.

Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair

April 26 – 30

Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair

As one of the homes for the most abundant and expertly created handicrafts, Indonesia has been exhibiting their finest craftsmen in several events; one of the largest is the Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT). Last year, the fair displays more than 500 exhibitors from various crafting industries. Carrying out the campaign of cultural preservation and modernization of the world’s economy, INACRAFT ensures the virtue, authenticity, as well as upholds prime qualities of the products displayed in the exhibition. This fair increases the business the local craftsmen and preserves their art alive. If you are curious about Indonesia’s excellent handicrafts and interested in taking them home, you are welcome to visit this magnificent event.

International Kampoeng Jazz

Bandung, West Java

international kampoeng jazz

Created by students from Padjadjaran University Faculty of Law, International Kampoeng Jazz has earned quite a name for itself. Originally made to present accomplishments from Padjajaran University’s art department, the musical event is centered on Dipatiukur, Bandung. Inviting the best artists from Indonesia and all over the world, International Kampoeng Jazz also spotlights other genres. Famous for having surprise guest stars to the stage, this festival is a battle cry from university students to fight for the conservation of arts amongst youth. With high spirit and positive energy, International Kampoeng Jazz is one of the best ways to spend your day in Bandung.


North Sumatra Fair

March – April
Medan, North Sumatra

North Sumatra Fair

Pekan Raya Sumatra Utara (PRSU), or the North Sumatra Fair, is the biggest annual event in North Sumatra, participated by 33 regencies and cities, government, and private owned products. The North Sumatra Fair is held to commemorate the anniversary of North Sumatra Province; every year, more than 250,000 visitors attend this massive event. The North Sumatra Fair consists of various attractions, such as attractive rides, 3D simulation ride, a park of lanterns, a rabbit park, pet lovers’ community, competitions, culture night, a carnival, band performances, and a surprise event that changes every year. But the pinnacle of the fair is the cultural performances, performed by every ethnic group that resides in North Sumatra.

Celebes / Sulawesi

Halo Sultra

Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi

halo sultra

Halo Sultra, short for Hello Southeast Sulawesi, is a joyful event dedicated to show the commodities and attractions of Southeast Sulawesi. Combining art, culture, modern civilization, and the creative economy of the locals in the region, this show is purely made to accentuate traditional values of Southeast Sulawesi through a selection of entertainments. The event will feature many amusements including traditional dance performances from around Southeast Sulawesi regions, a boat decoration tournament, a carnival of weaving crafts and other cultural arts, a fishing contest, and fireworks. Enjoy the cultural richness of the entire Southeast Sulawesi, packaged in one amazing festival