We offers creative and innovative ideas to allow the maximum enjoyment of the richness of our country, providing an agile, personalized and efficient service, with the backing of professionals of vast experience in the field of Tourism and Airlines.
We carefully designed and offered our readymade tour packages and activities suitable for individuals, family, couples or group, including hotel reservations, International & domestic flights, and any other special requirements necessary.
Our service is characterized by being flexible and creative in the design of itineraries; for this we are diligent and carefully selected our suppliers, ground personnel including our drivers and guides and all other related services that directly impacted to our services and product quality.
Our clients come from the West Europe, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia (Jakarta) and we are in the pipe line to expand our market to Canada and USA. Enjoy your browse, select your dream package and looking forward to welcoming in Bali to discover wonderful Indonesia.


  • Ignasius Igor Da Lamas was born in Maumere Flores Island, Southeast Indonesia
  • Migrated and living in Denpasar Bali since July 1991
  • Been in the Airlines, Travel and Tourism for more than 20 years with longest career path served Malaysia Airlines as District Manager Bali & Eastern for 19 years
  • Active Board Director of Denpasar Tourism Promotion Board since June 2015
  • Active member of PATA Bali chapter since June 2015

Igor Bali Aero Travel


logo1x@2xBali Aero Travel (PT. Baliaero Angkasa Jaya) symbolizing the deep attached of the Founder to the Airlines Business, while Bali is our home and act as the hub to beyond destinations in eastern Indonesia. The Phoenix is symbolizing the reborn  of the Founder and carry forward the long experience in Airlines Business after serving Malaysia Airlines for  19 years.

The purple color symbolizing  the holistic  Vision and Mission of the company to  share its success and financial  gain to all  staff  on the sharing  business concept , create values to our loyal customers and  giving back to the social community and uphold the sustainability of environment.

The blue color symbolizing the  Airlines, Travel and Tourism Industry  which Bali Aero Travel is engaging and   strive to be the preferred Travel Agency in Bali and Eastern Indonesia    



Airlines make it easier for everyone to fly and discover your dream destinations. Bali Aero Travel helps you with best airlines recommendation and airport handling services


Travelling has been the passion of mankind since early days   and so the Founder.  Helping our loyal customers to travel and   enjoy their journey is where Bali Aero Travel play an important   roles by create value and experiences


This has been and will be the essence of the future travellers   motivation.  Everyone has their own desire to discover. It can   be a new destination, a new culture, a new experience, a new   art or even just an inspiring ideas. Bali Aero Travel aim to help   each of our customers to discover their own treasure when   making a trip