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Welcome to Bali Aero Travel, we help you discover your dream destination in Indonesian Archipelago, The String of Emerald. Bali Aero Travel is a local Tour Operator and Airlines Agency based in Bali, Indonesia, specialist for Bali and Beyond inclusive Packages Tour covers Lombok, Komodo-Flores, East Java with highlights destinations are The famous blue fire of Ijen Plateau located in Banyuwangi and Magnificent mount Bromo , and Central Java as the cradle of Java history with key destinations are Jogjakarta and Solo¬†Read more…


Discover Bali 3Days 2Nights

Discover breathtaking Kintamani highland while you experience hotel surroundings

Discover Bali Honeymoon 3Days 2Nights

Cherish romantic moments, and bring some unforgettable memories back home.

Discover Komodo & West Flores 4Days 3Nights

Explore Komodo and a fifty kilometers east of Komodo, the western shore of Flores.

Discover Lovina 4Days 3Nights

Capture the combination of the best two sightseeing in Bali and amazing dolphin tour of Lovina.

Discover Bali Honeymoon 4Days 3Nights

Cherish romantic moments, and bring some unforgettable memories back home.


Explore Lembongan Island Aristocat Sailing

Sail away from Bali to Nusa Lembongan Island aboard Aristocat

Explore South Bali Dolphin Cruise

Have you ever seen Dolphins before? In Bali we are very lucky to have many dolphins in close proximity to

Explore Lembongan Island Beach Club Cruise

Let us whisk you away to Nusa Lembongan Island as you enjoy this beautiful region of Bali on our Lembongan

Explore Lembongan Island Reef Cruise

Nusa Lembongan Island offers a full day of fun activities for your family.

Explore Night at the Zoo

Experience Bali Zoo under the stars and discover the rarely seen sights and sounds of our animals in their nocturnal

Experience Breakfast with Orangutan

The First in Indonesia: Breakfast with Orangutans at Bali Zoo. Breakfast in the zoo might be a common thing, but

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